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The Workgroup for Safe Markets

We are a national collaborative of groups working to shift the market away from hazardous chemicals and toward safer chemicals and products. Together, we can protect our families and create a healthier, cleaner economy that works for all. On this website, you'll learn:


What’s New

  • The end is near for phthalate plasticizers.  Read the blog from Healthy Building Network on how the market for toxic plasticizers in building materials is closing.

  • United Nations votes to ban PCP.  Read an editorial representing affected arctic communities in the Alaska Dispatch News.

  • Combinations of 'safe' chemicals may increase cancer risk, study suggests.  Read the article in LA Times.

  • Campaign for Healthier Solutions is calling on the 4 largest dollar store chains to phase out toxic chemicals found in their products to stop exposing customers, their children, and dollar store employees to unnecessary risks.  You can take action and sign the petition!

  • SC Johnson releases list of fragrances in its Glade air fresheners.  Read the news article in The Guardian.